Veganising chocolate chip cookies

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The good kitchen fairy has been at it again! I came home to a batch of lovely vegan chocolate chip cookies. My daughter had veganised a recipe from one of our family favourite cookbooks. So that decides my Vegan MoFo post for today.

A vegetarian cookbook from long ago

Back in the early 1990s, when I first became vegetarian, I had a very small child and not many recipes…or much money to buy cookbooks. I thought it was fate when I noticed a cute little book at the counter of Organic Wholefoods in Lygon Street, Brunswick (which, in those days, was on the other side of the road).

According to the notes on the back cover, the book,  The Little Pigs Cookbook, was written by Ross Parks. He was a vegetarian cook at the Brunswick Turkish Community Child Care Centre (who had also worked at the café). At only $14.95, I stretched my already-stretched budget to make the purchase, and it was probably the most appreciated cookbook I’ve ever bought.

The Little Pigs Cookbook from 1993

The book had lots of family recipes that were friendly to tiny kids. I still used it, particularly for its slices and biscuits, right up until I became vegan at the start of this year and a heap of new cookbooks caught my eye.

Veganising the chocolate chip cookie recipe

H (my daughter) baked the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies on p. 123, which includes walnuts. She veganised it by using vegan margarine, vegan chocolate and No Egg (which is made of potato flour, tapioca flour, calcium carbonate, citric acid, vegetable gum (stabiliser): methylcellulose).

Nuttelex and No Egg

They turned out really nicely, so we’ll have to hide some away before her brother eats them all!

Chocolate chip cookies from the Little Pigs Cookbook

A bit of nostalgia

Recently I saw a brand new edition of The Little Pigs Cookbook, with fancier binding and cover, on sale again. It almost brought tears to my eyes, I got so nostalgic for the days of having tiny children in the kitchen with me. But it’s nice to see that a great little cookbook is carried on for the next batch of littlies.

Anyone who had kids in Australia in the early 90s might also get misty-eyed hearing the opening theme from my son’s favourite show back then–Johnson and Friends. (I swear it was only a couple of years ago!)


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