Melanie Joy Day

Well what an exciting day it’s been! Melanie Joy is touring Australia, speaking about carnism, so H and I took the day off to go and see her.

She was speaking at the National Herbarium at around lunchtime, and I knew there was slim chance of any vegan food at the Botanic Gardens cafe, so I made the Chocolate-Chocolate Chip-Walnut Cookies from Veganomicon to keep us going. (Not a healthy lunch…but they do contain flaxseeds, walnuts…and dark chocolate!) I highly recommend them—can’t go wrong with that much chocolate in one cookie. Anyway, we made up for the bad stuff with a healthy fix later on.

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip- Walnut Cookies from Veganomicon.

The lecture

I’ve linked to Melanie Joy’s Carnism lecture before, but in case you haven’t seen it, go and have a look. It really is worth watching. It’s so interesting (and heartbreaking) to get this insight into what our culture does to animals—and fascinating (and frightening) to understand that we don’t even see what’s going on!

One of the things I found most interesting was the idea that people don’t allow themselves to see and understand what is happening UNTIL THEY STOP eating meat. They might think they understand it, and maybe they do understand some of it, but there seems to be some kind of mind block (or maybe protective factor) that stops people seeing the horror of what is happening until they’ve opened their minds to not eating meat.  I know that was true for me, at least.

Preaching to the choir?

It is such a shame that (I’m guessing) most of the audience were veg*n already. If there was some way of getting meat eaters to see the presentation, they’d probably find it pretty eye-opening. As it was, it was like a bit of a support group, or networking opportunity for veg*ns, which is always worthwhile too.

I got my book signed!

After the lecture, I hung around like a scary fan girl to get my copy of her book Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows signed.

Melanie Joy signing copies of her book.

Really bad picture of Melanie Joy with an unknown person, taken by an over-excited fan girl (me).

And here’s my book:

Signed book with the inscription "Thank you for being witnesses".

The too big snack (Vegie Bar)

With the excitement over, we headed off to buy H a new pair of bathers…and what did we see over the road in Brunswick Street? Yong Green Food, a cafe we’ve been wanting to get to for ages, since reading good reviews on Where’s the Beef? and Veganopoulous. Sadly, they close the kitchen between 4 and 5 pm, so we were turned away…but we soldiered on and headed down to the (always reliable) Vegie Bar for a ‘snack’, which turned out to be a bit more substantial than we’d planned, as the menu is always too tempting to stop at a small snack.


I had the Tofu Tight Wrap (marinated tofu, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and hummous) and a green smoothie from the specials board that included avocado, kale, cucumber and a whole lot of other stuff (if you’re on Facebook you might have seen it on their page last week). H had (as she always does) the chickpea dhal with roti, along with a Clean and Lean Juice (watermelon, apple and cranberry). All of it was fresh and delicious and helped us feel less guilty after our stomach full of chocolate biscuits! But, on our way out, we spied some Chocolate Quinoa Balls in the dessert cabinet, and got one each to take away.

two chocolate quinoa balls

These tasted good, but weren’t really for me. I couldn’t actually finish mine, which was a bit sad. They tasted a bit too much like coconut rough, which is something I’ve never been able to eat. It always makes me feel a bit sick, for some reason, even though I like the taste. H, on the other hand, gobbled hers up. Hers looked like it had goji berries in it (but she wasn’t sure), and she loved the texture and the taste.

So now we’ve headed home to make dinner for the rest of the family…and I’m planning to use my friend Tricia’s trick that she taught me about 16 years ago when our kids were at playgroup together: Feed the family leftovers in a dish covered with pastry, and they’ll think you’re marvellous and will eat it all! Hehehe. Thanks Tricia!

Tipping out the showbag

While I’m waiting for the frozen pastry to thaw (I’m going to no end of trouble), here is the stuff we picked up at the lecture today. I feel like I’ve just come home from the Royal Melbourne Show and tipped my showbag out on the kitchen table…thankfully, there are no Mint Patties or Coconut Roughs!


And after you’ve watched Melanie Joy…

If you’ve already watched Melanie Joy’s presentation, you might also be interested in this one by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, ‘From Excuse-itarian to Vegan’. I especially love her explanation of why we’re not meat eaters.

4 thoughts on “Melanie Joy Day

  1. What a day! Cookies, Vegie Bar and Melanie Joy.
    It’s great you got your book signed. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing her in Brisbane. Too hard to juggle with the little ones.
    I agree also that it would be great if more non-vegans heard her speak. I know she has a big impact when she speaks at universities.
    So true about pastry too. 🙂

    • I found it hard enough to leave the house when I had only two small kids! I wouldn’t worry about not seeing her. You know her stuff better than anybody, and it’s really just the online lecture.

    • Yeah, it was great. I think I might have overdone the chocolate biscuits though, because I’m not feeling too well this morning. Serves me right! 😕

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