Vic Market vegie treats

Scrambled tofu and toastDoh! Once again I’ve cooked and eaten my delicious dinner without thinking to take a photo of it to share here. This blogging caper is harder than it looks!

LUCKILY I have a back up. I did take a photo of the delicious breakfast I ate at Queen Victoria Market this morning.

Invita, a café next to the Market’s organic produce section, just outside the Deli Hall, sells fantastic vegetarian food for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They aren’t totally vegan, but they have a good range of both vegetarian and vegan food, and quite a bit of gluten-free as well. They don’t actually call themselves vegetarian, but their tagline is “Living food”, so I think that’s a hint.

The breakfast menu includes pancakes, muesli, fruit bread…and my favourite…scrambled tofu.

Now, I’ve tried making scrambled tofu, with and without a recipe, but it always seems to be lacking something. This one isn’t lacking anything. It’s moist and crumbly with mushrooms and spinach mixed through, and has a mild curry-ish taste. It’s served with two pieces of toast and a couple of slices of cucumber.

I plan to go back later in the day sometime to sample their range of burgers and patties…oh, and their biscuits and cakes. All are well labelled so you don’t have to guess whether there’s an egg hiding in there, or whether they’ve used butter in their icing.
See their menu and drool for yourself.

Glass display cabinet with cakes and salads.I enjoyed my scrambled tofu out near our favourite busker (the cool guy with the long grey hair who plays Hank Williams songs), along with the best-ever soy hot chocolate from Pizza by Nature, and looked pityingly at the people who CHOSE to eat breakfast in the McDonald’s across the road! Why would they do that?

The dinner I forgot to photograph

By the way, my delicious dinner that I forgot to photograph was Bryanna’s Monastery Lentil Soup  made in the pressure cooker while I was at the gym. Quick and easy with lots of bread, and very satisfying on a chilly, windy night like this.

Bryanna has some fantastic recipes on her website. I can also recommend the Vegan ‘Fish’ Cakes. They are probably my favourite food at the moment—next time I make them I’ll definitely (hopefully) remember to take a picture.

Breakfast music

In keeping with my favourite busker, here’s a bit of Hank Williams for you to enjoy with your breakfast tomorrow! 🙂


One thought on “Vic Market vegie treats

  1. Ok, now I’m hungry! I love the sound of the soy hot choc. I love a good soy hot chocolate.
    I also adore scrambled tofu. I don’t make it enough. It’s time to rectify that, I think!
    McDonalds for breakfast- oh, why?!
    Recently I had a conversation with a woman working at a sushi bar in a local shopping centre food hall. They are located next to McDonalds. The queues are always long at this McD, while the sushi bar has only a smattering of customers. Anyway, I was verbally lamenting the fact that I could see a few toddlers eating happy meals. The ‘sushi’ woman told me that she regularly sees mums chewing McDonald’s food, then spitting it out and feeding it to their babies! Gross! Masticated burgers with saliva….yum!.

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