Let us rejoice: Mister Nice Guy is open today!

Dawg in a Blanket, Cinnamon Scroll and Koala Cupcake

Unfortunately, you can’t get the full effect of the Koalas sulky face in this picture.

We were up early for the ANZAC Day dawn service this morning. It’s always a bit exciting getting out of bed in the freezing blackness of a mid-Autumn morning, dragging on our thermals and digging out the gloves and beanies for the first time of the year.

It’s a hushed gathering of our local community near the hill, and the sun seems like it’s itching to rise before the service begins.

By the time we’ve listened and sung and laid our poppies on the memorial, we’re awake and ready for a big breakfast, but the Rotary ‘gunfire breakfast’ isn’t too vegan friendly, so we head home instead.

This year we were excited to find out that Mister Nice Guy was open for the public holiday.

They weren’t opening until 8, so that gave us time for a quick nap before we headed over to Ascot Vale, leaving the kids snoring in their beds.

They had a huge selection today, with a special Aussie range for ANZAC Day. I chose the Koala Apple Pie cupcake, and my husband (who got a little overexcited by the choice) chose a Dawg in a Blanket, followed by a Cinnamon Scroll.

I was happy with that, because I’ve been wanting to try the Dawgs, but will never pass up a cupcake…and I couldn’t (or probably, shouldn’t) eat both. This way I was able to get a taste.

They were all really good. The Dawg was a great novelty, with a vegan ‘dog’ wrapped in pastry covered in tomato sauce and mustard. The Koala cupcake was really moist and appley, with a soft custardy icing and a pretty hilarious pissed-off face – it was a shame to eat him.

I polished mine off with my very favourite drink – hot chocolate with hazelnut milk (why would we have it any other way?? It tastes like warm, milky Nutella).

Of course, we weren’t mean enough to return home empty handed. We had to grab a couple of the sulky Koalas for the kids. And they had no trouble getting out of bed for them!

If you want to see the Mister Nice Guy ANZAC Day range (including the stoned/sulky koala cupcake), check them out on Facebook.

See what Cindy and Michael had to say about Mister Nice Guy on Where’s the Beef?


4 thoughts on “Let us rejoice: Mister Nice Guy is open today!

  1. I would love one of those koala cupcakes- so cute! The kangaroo one is cute too- but I thought it was a wombat until I read the list below 🙂
    I really have to visit Melbourne.

    • Hi Cindy! I’ve been following you guys for years, so it’s great to see you here.

      I noticed Mr Nice Guy cakes at the Westgarth Cinema the other day – dangerously close to home for me. I’m going to have to restrain myself!

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