Down with down!

Sad goose faceClever headline, eh? Well, I know I’m probably not the first to use it, but I couldn’t pass it up. (Unfortunately, this post is not even remotely amusing…)

I thought that after watching Earthlings*, and lots of other horrifying factory farming videos on YouTube, that I’d seen pretty much every kind of industrial cruelty inflicted on animals, so I was sickened the other day when I found ANOTHER one!

And unfortunately, this was yet ANOTHER opportunity for me to feel ridiculous and embarrassed about my ignorance.

It seems that the lovely, warm puffiness of my 5-blanket doona is a result of hideous cruelty to geese and ducks.

Down producers keep their birds in small cages, similar to those of battery hens. When they are ready to be ‘harvested’ the birds are forced down and quickly and roughly plucked of all their feathers, leaving them injured and terrified. Watch this video if you need to see it to believe it.

This must be horribly traumatic for them. When I compare how carefully Adair Moran plucks these sparrow’s feathers  it makes me so sad for the abused birds in the video.

I wonder how many birds were injured providing down for my doona. I never even gave it a moment’s thought – and even if I had, I’m sure I wouldn’t ever have imagined the horror of the reality. I’d tried to support natural products, like wool, feathers and down, but what I’d really supported was animal cruelty.

I’m glad the weather’s warm at the moment. My bamboo blanket is perfect right now, so I don’t have to think about the doona. I’m not exactly sure what to use as an alternative when the Melbourne weather gets cold though. Wool is out too, and cotton/bamboo won’t be warm enough.

Using up my old jumpers and leather shoes until they wear out and then finding non-animal replacements, has been my plan so far, but I’m pretty sure that my once-beloved doona would give me nightmares now! Perhaps I’ll just have to get the tracky dacks out—or fly north for the winter…

*Earthlings is a full length movie about the way humans treat animals. You can buy or rent it, or watch it FREE ONLINE. (There are no logins, subscriptions or ads involved—just stream it and watch it on your computer. (But don’t show the kids!)

3 thoughts on “Down with down!

  1. Oh, it’s heart breaking. I can’t watch the video 😦
    We don’t get much of a winter up here, so a cotton doona and a blanket or two will usually suffice.
    You might have to go with layers – lots of them!

    • It’s started getting a bit cooler now, so I’m sleeping with my bamboo blanket and my thick, fluffy polyester dressing gown over the top. But autumn has only just begun, so i’d better come up with an alternative pretty soon!

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