Celebrity enlightenment

Just re-read the title of this article – don’t worry, it’s not about religion, it’s about a TV show!Cute pig in grass, looking at the camera.

There is a show called Can of Worms on Channel 10, where from what I can tell, they have a panel of 3 celebrities who give their opinions on ethical dilemmas. At least, that’s what’s happened in the 2 segments I’ve seen in the past.

When we heard that last week’s dilemma was going to be “To truly appreciate the meat we eat, should we all be expected to kill the animals that end up on our dinner plates?” we thought we’d better watch it. After all, if anyone we knew had seen it, they were likely to ask our opinion about it. We thought it was best to be prepared.

The guests were Matt Preston from MasterChef, Megan Gale from…um…being Andy Lee’s ex-girlfriend and Magda Szubanski, from just about everything good.

3 decisions

Matt: (yes) He was the only one of the three who thought he could kill meat to eat. In fact, he said he had done so in the past, and explained something about reverence for the animal, bla bla bla, as he cuddled a cute little piglet.

Megan: (no) She said she’d just seen the movie Vegucated, and it had made her think about whether she should be eating meat. She’s ‘re-assessing her options’ (or something like that).

Magda: (no) She explained that she comes from a European background, and her family were into hunting. She went into a long explanation of how it was normal in her family and it was the way she’d been brought up.

A realisation?

I found their explanations for their views really interesting, because it was obviously the kind of thing they’d thought about in the past

Matt seemed to care about animals and treating them with respect (even if he does kill them!), but what I couldn’t get past was the fact that his TV show is so meat based, and has made wagyu beef and pork belly household names in Australia. I’m sure he’s under no illusion that their millions of fans are out there shopping for ‘humanely’-farmed meat. I’m guessing that MasterChef is a huge contributor to the continuation of factory farming in Australia.

Megan really seemed to be thinking about the issue, but I think if she still has to think about it, she’s probably just thinking she ‘should’ do it, not that she will do it. I got the feeling it was a bit of a fashion thing for her.

Magda, on the other hand, seemed to be going through a realisation right there on screen, as she was speaking. Her explanation of why she eats meat went on and on, and I got the feeling that she was thinking ‘it really doesn’t make sense after all’. It was really fascinating to watch someone reason through it like that and come out feeling really doubtful (even though she didn’t actually say she was). I’d bet she went home and thought about it some more.

All in all, the show wasn’t very interesting, and didn’t encourage much discussion. I was disappointed that there were no veg*n celebrities on the panel. Carnism was seen as normal and plant eating as a bit weird. Perhaps it would have been better to frame the question as ‘meat or no meat’, rather than ‘kill or buy in a polystyrene package at the supermarket’.

And as it turns out, Can of Worms probably doesn’t have many viewers, because nobody even mentioned it to us the next day. You can see it yourself if you go to Can of Worms and watch series 3, episode 5 (it’s seriously been going that long??)

Ellen: another celebrity realisation

Speaking of celebrities waking up…it’s interesting to compare these 2 videos of Ellen talking about vegan diets.  Haha, she must just cringe when she sees the old one! She’s like a different person. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Celebrity enlightenment

  1. I haven’t heard of Can of Worms!
    You gave an interesting synopsis. I don’t feel like I need to watch it now!
    I have written about carnism. It is a fascinating topic. It makes perfect sense. Have you read ‘Why we Love Dogs….’? I wish it was compulsory reading, like Earthlings should be compulsory viewing 😉
    I can’t watch the videos now. My little guy is asleep next to me 🙂 But I’ll get back to them later.

    • You know what? I hadn’t even heard of carnism till you mentioned it on your blog last week. 🙂 Then I looked it up and watched Melanie Joy’s lecture on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vWbV9FPo_Q , and found it really fascinating…and obvious, once you know about it.

      I haven’t read ‘Why we love dogs…’ but I did see it when I was deciding between a whole lot of books to buy online a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn’t choose that one, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to get hold of it at some stage.

      Don’t worry about watching Can of Worms – it’s a pretty crappy show that I wouldn’t watch normally. The Ellen videos are worth a look though, when you have time. Her explanation of why she’s vegan, in the more recent one, is really good.

      • Melanie Joy is coming to Australia this year! I follow her on FB. She did some lectures in Europe recently (she might still be there, not sure). I don’t know when she’s coming but hopefully she comes to Brisbane (we’d definitely make the trip up for that).

        I’m glad you’ve been introduced to the concept of carnism. I have a copy of ‘Why We Love Dogs…’ but it’s on my kindle so I can’t even send it to you.

        What interesting books did you buy?

  2. That’ll be great. I hope she comes to Melbourne too. She seems like a great speaker.

    I’m having trouble remembering what I bought, it seems so long ago now. I get so impatient waiting for books to arrive! I remember I ordered ‘My teenage rejection of death products’ (or something like that) for my daughter. For myself, I ordered ‘The Ultimate uncheese cookbook’ (I remember this one from YEARS ago) and ‘Vegan for life’. Then I also ordered ‘Striking at the roots: A practical guide to animal activism’ and ‘The animal manifesto: 6 reasons for expanding our compassion footprint’. I also bought ‘Mainstreet vegan’ from my local bookshop. Ooops, that’s more than I meant to buy!

    And I’m studying too, so I don’t know how I’ll ever get a chance to read them! (Still, maybe they won’t even arrive until after this semester, the way they’re going).

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