Condensed (soy) milk

Tin of soy condensed milk with a spoon in it.My daughter and I have a thing for condensed milk.

We used to buy it as a special treat, and if we were using it in a recipe we’d fight over scraping out the can and licking the spoon. She’s even scored a tube of condensed milk in her Christmas stocking on occasion.

I blame my own mother, of course! When I was a kid we occasionally shared a sneaky tin of the sticky deliciousness while the rest of the family was out at school and work. (Oh god, we’ll be in trouble if they read this!) 😛

Over the years, while we were lacto-ovo vegetarian, my daughter and I we were able to indulge in our favourite treat, but since we started eating vegan, we’ve missed it a little bit.

She missed it so much, she tracked down a recipe and stood over the hot stove creating her own soy condensed milk, but it was a bit messy and hot for this time of year. You can understand then, that last night when I noticed that it’s possible to buy canned soy condensed milk, we were just a little excited!

Not only that, but one of the Melbourne stockists is a only short drive from our house! We could hardly sleep last night, we were so excited!

The Radical Grocery Store

So, this morning, even though it was hellishly hot, we ventured off to The Radical Grocery Store in Brunswick. I’d never been there before. In fact I’d heard they’d closed down, and I thought that must be true, because their blog was last updated in early 2012.

Well, luckily that couldn’t have been further from the truth. The business is humming. They’d just moved to new, larger premises a while back, and seem to update their Facebook page rather than their website.

I’ve never seen a wider range of products. Everything is vegan! They have all the things I’ve wanted to try, but couldn’t find anywhere, like:

  • Notzarella, which is touted to be the best vegan mozzarella
  • nutritional yeast flakes, which are quite difficult to find, but seem to be in every American vegan recipe
  • mock meats from Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher in Sydney
  • vegan marshmallow mix
  • xanthan gum, which is hard to find and usually very expensive, and
  • vegan jelly lollies, and
  • vegan condensed milk.

We stocked up on some of these…and also had a Mr Nice Guy chocolate fudge brownie*, cold from the fridge…which inspired my daughter who, as I type this, is making a chocolate caramel slice (using soy condensed milk) to take to her good friend’s birthday party tomorrow…if we can refrain from sneaking it’s sticky deliciousness tonight. (After all, it is a family tradition!)

*[8 July 2013] I’ve been told now that the chocolate fudge brownies at Radical Grocery Store aren’t from Mister Nice Guy – they were just in the same cabinet as the Mister Nice Guy cupcakes. Not sure who makes these ones, but they’re delicious…and so are the brownies at Mister Nice Guy’s shop. So many vegan brownies to choose from…


5 thoughts on “Condensed (soy) milk

  1. Lucky you! Being so close to the Radical Grocery Store.
    The caramel slice sounds yummy!
    Have you been to either of the Mr Nice Guy shops? I enjoy looking at the photos of all of their delicious treats on FB. It’s probably lucky that I don’t live nearby- it could be dangerous!

  2. No we haven’t been to Mr Nice Guy. There’s one about 20 minutes away, and we’d thought of going over there today, but they’re closed for the public holiday. Probably best that I try to keep away as much as possible – my daughter’s a keen baker, so we end up with more than enough cakes and slices in our house!

  3. I have some of the same soy milk, I just opened it, mine is separated, thick on the top and liquid underneath, did yours look like that or should I throw it away? thanks

    • Hi Paulina, Ours didn’t look like that. It was like dairy condensed milk but slightly more solid until it was stirred around. Maybe yours was just standing on the shelf for longer? It might still be alright – Does it smell OK?

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