Powerbean balls

Shredded salad with 4 bean balls on top.The meal I made for dinner tonight was bloody BEAUTIFUL…even if I do say so myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can highly recommend Powerbean Balls and Rainbow Salad. Everyone liked it, and it was perfect for a hot and sweaty day like today.

The weather has been horribly hot for so many days, I was dreading having to cook dinner.ย  It’s just so hard to find something to cook each night when we’ve had such a long stretch of hot weather, and the thought of standing over the stove or using the oven makes me feel faint.

I came across this recipe on the VeganEasy website, a site for new vegans, sponsored by Animal Liberation Victoria. It seems to be part of a 30-day Vegan Challenge with information on shopping, cooking, nutrition and eating out on a vegan diet.

In the end, I didn’t escape standing over the stove with this recipe, but that part didn’t take very long, and it was really worth it.

The bean balls are made with just garlic, canned beans and lentils. I added some Screaming Seeds taco seasoning and salt and pepper. That flavour combination was really good, but any kind of spice mix would probably work well.

The mixture is left to cool and rolled into balls, rolled in sesame seeds and fried again to heat through.

The Rainbow Salad was a mixture of salad leaves and shredded vegetables…but the best part was the dressing, which was made from hommous, sesame oil, horseradish and mustard. That is a really tasty mixture that I will definitely be using again in other recipes. I’m a big fan of sesame oilโ€”it has a really earthy taste.

I don’t think I’d change anything if I was making this again, although I might experiment with some different spice mixes, just for fun.

It was a real winner. When my son texted to say he wouldn’t be home for dinner, my daughter was thrilled, because she got to eat his Powerbean Balls…and he doesn’t even know what he missed!

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