Hunza pie and strawberry crumble

More farmers’ market produce put to good use last night.

imageLooking at the lovely bunch of rainbow chard and the bag of potatoes reminded me of a recipe I used to make when we first stopped eating meat back in 1994.

One of my sisters had given me a collection of her favourite vegetarian recipes. It included Hunza Pie, which soon became a regular dinner in our house, but somewhere along the way, we’d forgotten all about it.

Now that we’re not eating animal products, it was time to give it another go.

I started by making a good, solid, wholewheat pastry in the food processor, using:

  • wholemeal flour
  • Nuttelex margarine
  • lemon juice, and
  • water.

I read somewhere recently that the secret to making a good pastry with margarine is to chill both the margarine AND the food processor for a few minutes in the freezer first—it really works!

I filled the pie with boiled potatoes; lightly sauteed, sliced rainbow chard and a sprinkling of salt. Then baked it at 180°C for about 30 minutes, until it was slightly browned.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it when it came out of the oven, looking very impressive. I just wanted to eat it!

Slice of Hunza Pie

Here is the last slice, still in the dish. It was VERY satisfying, so we just didn’t finish it, but it was really good.

Strawberry and coconut crumble

A huge punnet of strawberries from the farmers’ market also had to be used up (we had gone off it different directions and BOTH bought strawberries).

Strawberries scattered on kitchen bench

They were a bit dinked and funny, but tasted fantastic, so we thought we’d look for a recipe for a strawberry crumble, and found a nice, simple one at (of course, we used dairy-free margarine instead of butter).

Raspberry and coconut crumble

We ate this with soy vanilla yoghurt, sitting on the back verandah. A lovely end to the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Hunza pie and strawberry crumble

  1. Thanks Ally. I just checked your blog – you have some great recipes. I’m planning to try out your Cinnamon Date Slice tomorrow. At least I won’t need to use the oven…it’s so hot tonight!

    • I’ve only just seen this message- sorry! WordPress isn’t notifying me of all messages for some strange reason.
      I heard that Melbourne is having a heat wave. I hope you are surviving ok. We are having a ‘rain wave’! I can’t remember the last day that it didn’t rain for at least some of the day.
      If you made the slice, I hope you enjoyed it!

      • Yeah, the slice was really good. Next time I’ll add the coconut oil to the date paste as you suggested (I just didn’t have any, but I bought some yesterday) – but I’ll definitely make it again.

      • I tried it once without the coconut oil. I prefer the texture with the coconut oil added. I think the date paste is really yummy.

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